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April 21, 2018 / / Fad diets are bad, Motivation, Tips

Our ancestors lived on roots, stems, berries and occasionally gorged on meat. Therefore, our bodies have evolved to pack on the pounds when food is plentiful (in 2018, that’s all the time), and to retain weight when we are deprived of calories, such as, when dieting.

Let’s use our big brains to combat this effect.

Health Done Right is your big brain.

The ‘Look ahead study’, showed, that a 7% reduction in weight lead to a decrease in Type 2 diabetes by 58%, and that weight loss didn’t affect LDL, but HDL rose and triglycerides dropped.

And, the Diabetes Prevention Program revealed that only a 5-10% weight loss is necessary to prevent diabetes—one doesn’t need to reach normal weight.


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Author: Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky is a board-certified Obesity and Gynecology physician with over 30 years’ experience providing support and guidance for her patients.

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