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General terms and conditions information

By using Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right’s website, you agree and are legally bound to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Use. The ‘Terms and Conditions’ may change over time. Please check this page periodically to review the changes. If you continue to use this Website after we change to the ‘Terms & Conditions’, you accept those changes. If you don’t abide by the ‘Terms & Conditions’, we may terminate your account and password, and/or access to the website’s content. We have the right, without liability or prior notice, to discontinue your membership if you violate the provisions of these ‘Terms and Conditions.’ You have the sole responsibility to save your personal data and/or journal content material.

Health Disclaimer

Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right provides health and weight loss information.  The company is not a medical organization and medical advice or diagnosis will not be provided.  The information on the website should not be used as a substitute for health care provider’s evaluation, and/ or treatment. A health care provider, which includes a physician, should be consulted before starting any weight loss program. The Website should not be used by minors. Pregnant women and individuals with specific medical conditions should seek professional medical advice before to beginning a weight loss program.

Security and Password

If you are a plan member of Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right, you are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your information and password. Please notify us immediately if you suspected unauthorized use of your account. It is your responsible to monitor all activities under your account.


HDR is committed to protecting your security and privacy; your personal information will be stored on a protected site. We will not store the medical information that you place on the downloadable forms; for example, your neck size—you will need to save this information to your own device.

Restrictions on Use of Materials

Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right is a registered trademark and trade name. You are prohibited from using the website’s content for commercial use. This website’s design, and all content, information, text, graphics, and material are protected by trademark, copyright, and other laws, so that none of the material can be used without prior written permission of the owner.  You own your personal and medical information, but the format for which you recorded this information, is likewise protected. You acknowledge that the Website is a comprehensive program that contains video, text, photos, recipes, and additional material that are all considered content, and is protected information.


Even though the information on Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right plan has been proven in scientific studies, we make no guarantee that the program will have the desired or expected result for you personally.

Termination of service

You may terminate your service at any time. It may take a month for the termination to be complete. There will be no refunds for terminated services.

Our services begin, once payment is received, and will be terminated once payment stops.

Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right is not responsible for the accuracy of comments made by individuals posting on the various social media accounts.

We may change any of these ‘Terms and conditions’ at our discretion.