Michele’s Story:

“Since I started following Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right program, I’m enjoying the foods I love, while eating healthy and losing weight. I can’t believe how delicious and easy to prepare the recipes I’ve tried are. There are so many great recipes, I’ll never get tired of eating the same old thing. Dining out is no longer a deal breaker either. Dr. Becky has shown me that I can dine out at my favorite restaurants, enjoy my meal and not feel guilty. I have finally realized that a diet is not what I needed. What I needed was to stop thinking that I can’t have something and learn how to enjoy what I want by choosing to eat healthy, using proper portions and keeping my food intake as clean and fresh as possible. Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right gives me so many options, whether it’s stopping by the grocery store to purchase an on-the-go prepared meal, groceries to make my own meal or driving straight to my favorite restaurant, I can find many items that will fill me up, calm my cravings and keep me on the right path.

I hope you too will take a look and give Dr. Becky a chance to work her magic. I think you will find out, just as I did, it is possible to eat healthy and enjoy it at the same time.   Best part is, your friends will never even know you’ve changed your eating habits. You can eat out with them and make healthy choices, feel good about what you’re doing for yourself and no one will ever realize something’s different! Do it today and do it for yourself!

Thank you Dr. Becky for showing me it’s possible to have my cake and eat it too!

Sincerely, Michele S.   “Lead Vocalist”

Alfredo & Fernanda’s response to two Cracker Barrel Meals:

The couple picked up their meals and enjoyed them in the comfort of their home for dinner. They say they felt full and satisfied when they were done eating and that they didn’t get hungry for the rest of the night.

Fernanda said, the spicy catfish was delicious and she loved the spices. She is a vegetarian and couldn’t eat the turnips greens because of the meat in the recipe, but she really enjoyed the sweet potato and multigrain bread.

Alfredo reports, “the apple cider BBQ chicken was very tasty and I really enjoyed it.”

Thank you Cracker Barrel Old County Store