Do you remember the story of Ali Vincent?

January 26, 2018 / / 3-in-1 program, Behavior changes, Healthy Eating, Motivation, Physical activity

Ali was the first female to win the ‘Biggest Loser’ contest in 2008, when she lost 112 pounds through incredibly arduous exercise, and anorexic-like eating.

Ali stood on the stage, appearing dazed and dazzled, having no idea what her future had in store.

Did you see the sequel? Probably not. In 2016, Ali posted on Facebook that she regained most of her weight. Through her tears, she told of the shame of her failure and her mental anguish at the public’s unsympathetic contempt of her “fat.” Her metabolism had plummeted, and her ego was shattered.

Each year, tens of millions of adults resolve to lose weight: 

  • Only about 8% will stay committed
  • Just 20% of dieters are successful at losing and maintaining a 10%weight loss, according to the National Weight Control Registry
  • And for these paltry results, Americans spend over $60 billion/year on gym memberships, weight-loss programs, exercise equipment, etc.
Is there a better way?
Yes, there is! Dr. Rebecca Burdette, a Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, has created Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right, an easy-to-follow program following scientifically-proven principles.“Even as a board-certified obesity and gynecology physician with 30-plus years of experience, I was frustrated by my own weight gain and loss of energy. And I saw my patients had the same struggles!” says Dr. Becky. 

So, she took the proven weight loss research and created Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right, an American-style plan that easily fits into how we live every day.  That means you can choose healthy foods at more than 50 national chain restaurants – even McDonald’s!

You can also:

  • Select “Grocery to Go” meals right from your local supermarket.
  • Create fast to gourmet meals at home, with hundreds of delicious meals and slenderized “top chef” style recipes. All are included on Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right online program.

Unlike many other weight loss plans, Dr, Becky’s Health Done Right is a complete lifestyle, 3-in-1 program that also includes Physical Activity and Changing Your Behaviors to help you lose weight and keep it off.

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Exercise Your Way to a Healthier, Leaner You!

In this section of Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right, you’ll explore the many benefits of physical exercise and the amazing role of metabolism.  Then, we help you get off the couch!

You know your schedule and what you enjoy better than anyone. We’ll lead you through creating goals and a plan that works for you!

Here’s the type of motivating information you’ll find:  Because exercise increases lean muscle tissue and reduces fat, it helps your body burn more calories as part of its basal metabolism, so you’ll burn calories more efficiently ALL of the time, even while you’re sleeping!

Change your behavior – change your weight – change your life!

Behavior changes are the cornerstone of Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right. 

This section of the program focuses on setting goals and changing your behaviors and mindset, so you can lose weight and achieve long-term success.

Here’s one example: Recruit friends and family members who will support you. Pick those who don’t use food or alcohol as a coping tool. For example, your friend Jessica takes a walk around the lake to solve her problems; ask her to walk with you and talk about what is stressing you out at work.

And Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right is crazy inexpensive!

Just $14.99 a month!

Plus, when you sign up, you’ll also get a FREE copy of my 

Health Done Right book!

Losing weight and getting into shape can be frustrating and depressing. We know how you feel.

Maybe you’ve tried other weight-loss or healthy eating plans before and failed.  Like Ali, within a few months or a year, all that weight you lost had been found. Perhaps your body – out of spite – even packed on a few MORE pounds!

Or maybe this is your first attempt to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Either way, Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right’s plan is designed to help you succeed every step of the way. This isn’t a “quick-fix” fad diet. It’s a comprehensive, scientifically-based, heart-healthy proven plan. It’s also:

  • Easy to follow. No counting points or complex formulas.
  • Delicious! You’ll learn to choose or prepare healthy, delicious food, whether it comes from your kitchen, a restaurant or a drive-through.
  • Crazy inexpensive! Just $14.99/month or 50 cents a day!
  • Life-changing. You’ll learn how to change your attitudes on food, and incorporate exercise into your life (and you don’t even have to go to the gym)!

We want what you want: 

For you to lose weight, live longer and feel better than you thought possible! And we give you all the support, information and strategies you need for long-term success. No more finding those pounds stalking your body!

“This program helped me to lose weight, eliminate my sugar addiction, and get relief from mood swings, self-shaming thoughts and out-of-control eating.

“It can do the same for you!” says Dr. Becky.    Join Now!

What do you have to lose?

Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right will help you decide.

“Join me as I cut through the hype and guide you toward the long term, sustainable healthy lifestyle you deserve! I guarantee this will be the last weight loss plan you ever need. And it’s just $14.99 a month!”

Who’s ready to get started?  

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Author: Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky is a board-certified Obesity and Gynecology physician with over 30 years’ experience providing support and guidance for her patients.

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