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  • Just $14.99 for 1 month – that’s just 50 cents a day!
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  • $99/year or 3.7 cents a day for this incredibly easy to use program!

PLUS, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right book with every plan.


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Remember, Health Done Right gives members the resources and encouragement to commit, including guidance on exercise, information on modifying behavior, techniques for improving overall health, recipes and more. You get the support, information and strategies you need for success.

  • Participants rave that Health Done Right is straightforward, and they don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s simple to start and easy to stick with.
  • The quick-start plan saves time because Dr. Becky has done all the research for you. No need to spend endless hours counting calories, carbs, proteins, fats or points. Participants simply follow the realistic program.
  • The plan saves money because it costs less than half of other food and diet programs — just 50 cents a day.
  • The plan teaches you how food plays a significant role in cancer, heart disease, inflammation, mood and energy swings, to mention just a few. Plan participants really can repair and build health, lose unwanted weight, and increase their energy level.
  • Participants have more energy because they no longer have food-induced mood swings and meals leave them feeling full and satisfied.
  • Dr. Becky’s comprehensive “think before you eat” behavior plan includes strategy and structure about food triggers, fluid consumption, mind/body connection and much more to help participants recognize and change their habits.