1.   What’s all this hullabaloo about eating for your gut microbes? I have bowel issues and my Gastroenterologist says I need a gut healthy diet. Is yours gut healthy?

A.    Talk with your doctor and show him or her the Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right healthy eating plan. Most likely, he or she will whole heartedly agree with the food selections. The plan is chock full of natural prebiotics, probiotics, resistant starches, high fiber and healthy fats, all which will help the “good” bacteria thrive. Did you know that pure honey is a natural prebiotic (fertilizer for the healthy bacteria)? Many recipes have had other types of added sugar swapped out with honey. Same delicious flavor, just gut friendly. Now, go get happy.


2.   I’m a diabetic, can I use your Health Done Right plan?

A.   Diabetes is a medical condition that is usually treated with medications, a healthy diet and exercise. The American Diabetes Association recommends starting at 45-60 grams of carbohydrates per meal. All of the meals on Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right, including the restaurant meals have between 35-60 grams of carbs. The meals use whole grains, have a low glycemic load, and/ or have resistant starches; all of which help prevent a spike in your blood sugar. So, discuss with your health care team the right amount for you personally, keeping in mind, that only you and they will have access to your medications and exercise routine. The simplicity of using our plan may make the management of your diabetes much easier. The Endocrine Society says, “Weight loss should be considered in all patients with prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes who also have over­weight or obesity. Weight loss therapy should consist of lifestyle prescription that includes a reduced-calorie healthy meal-plan, physical activity, and behavioral interventions.” Guess what? Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right in a nutshell!

3.   My family doctor said that I need to lose weight, but didn’t tell me how to do it. I Googled “weight loss” and there are soooooo many options and I don’t have time to figure this out. Help!

A.    You have come to the right place. Everything you need for weight loss and management of that weight loss is included in Health Done Right. The simplest and cheapest weight loss plan available— plus with scientific backing to add to your peace of mind.

4.   I don’t have time to prepare meals, is it alright to just use the easy parts of the plan?

A.   Certainly. Every meal will be healthy and balanced, so if you just use one meal a day off the plan you will be healthier and feel well after that one meal.

5.   Is the food expensive?

A.   The food comes from the same places that you eat at every day. If you choose more selections from ‘Lickity Split’ and ‘Gourmet’ prepare at home, and thus eat out less, you will probably spend less from your food budget. The cost of the Health Done Right plan is less 50 cents a day.

6.   I’ve heard about the detrimental effects of dieting on the metabolism. Will your plan slow down my metabolism?

A.    That’s an excellent question. The plan has many components to protect your metabolism, based on what science has proven, but with any significant weight loss, there will be some decrease in metabolism.

7.   Can I have a different fruit, if I don’t like the one on the menu?

A.   Yes. There will be exchange lists for the fruit, vegetables and multiple other food items and spices.

8.   Will the plan include beverages?

A.   Absolutely.

9.   Can I get the food items at the local grocery store?

A.   Every ingredient, or food item can be obtained at most major grocery stores. No special on-line orders, or specialty stores are necessary.

10. Are insurance discounts accepted?

A. Yes. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (RA) through your employer, your monthly fees may be covered. Because of the tax advantages of using a health expense account, you can save money and lose weight.