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There is no one right plan – select the one that works best for your lifestyle and goals.

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There are also different ways to approach whichever plan you choose:

A. The Comprehensive Approach

This approach is ideal if you have better success with a straightforward, precise and detailed plan. Here are the recommended steps:

Week One

  • Start reading Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right book, (which is included with your membership).
  • Review the journal data page, take your measurements, and locate your latest blood test and blood pressure reading.  Mark them in your journal. If necessary, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to get your readings.
  • Calculate your BMI by using the BMI calculator, and record it in your journal.
  • Write down your goals. For help in writing S.M.A.R.T. goals, refer to ‘behavioral changes’ in section 3.3. Hint— make your goals about how you feel or about your health. For example, “Healthy eating is a way to ensure long term health benefits.”
    If weight loss is one of your goals, decide how much weight you want to lose and in what time frame.
  • Go to the calorie calculator and set your calories/day to accomplish your weight loss goals. See ‘the behavioral changes’ section to set realistic weight loss goals.
  • Plan your healthy meals for the next three – four days.   This could include meals you plan to cook at home, lunches you’ll pack or restaurants where you’ll be eating.
  • Make a grocery list and do your shopping.
  • Record all your physical activity for a typical day. This would include the number of flights of stairs you climb, minutes of cardio exercise, etc. Check the recommendations in the Physical Activity, 3.2 page of ‘The Plan’ for daily physical activity goals. If you’re right on target, stay the course. Not quite up to the appropriate level? Write physical activity and exercise S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Week Two

  • Update your journal nightly and fall asleep feeling better than you have in ages, and happy that you’re on track to becoming a healthier you!

Goal Week

  • You’ve reached your goal weight and activity level! You look and feel great, and have more energy than you’ve had for ages!
    You’re feeling brave and decide to eat out, but not at one of the plan’s restaurants. You review the ‘Going Rogue’ section before you leave home and feel confident in your ability to make healthy choices.
  • Reward yourself with a treat— a massage, a mini-vacation or a new pair of walking shoes.
  • As you accept the compliments from family and friends, you remember from that Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right that maintaining your weight loss and exercise program can also be a real challenge. So, you re-read the chapter on staying motivated in the ‘Behavioral Changes’ section, and write out your checklist:
    1. Check weight weekly.
    2. Be aware of triggers that may sabotage your goals.
    3. Plan ahead and prepare for upcoming challenges (e.g. a special occasion dinner, holiday celebrations, etc.).

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This approach works well for the extremely busy person …

B. The  Quick Start:

This approach works well for the extremely busy person because you just jump right in! If you feel you don’t have time to do the calculations or measurements, or to write everything down, it’s okay, you can still get started!

Week One

  • Its lunch or dinner time: Where do you want to get your meal? You’re on the road and have 20 minutes to eat. Click on restaurant meals, and find a restaurant along your route. Stop there and order your meal. Enjoy, knowing that your brain and your heart thank you, and that you will feel pleasantly content for the next four to five hours. Yeah you!
  • To lose about one to one and a half pounds per week, you need to decrease your calories by 500-750 calories per day. For women, that means 1200 – 1500 calories/day and for men, 1500 – 1800 calories/day.
  • You noticed in the behavioral change section that eating breakfast is very important. You search breakfast options. Your partner has cottage cheese in the refrigerator. Perfect. You toss together a Lickity Split prepare at home meal, and think, “Wow, that was simple.”
  • Tomorrow you’re taking out your favorite employee and she likes Italian. So, you check Olive Garden’s meals and decide which one you will indulge in the next day.

Week Two

  • You have more energy and are sleeping better! You decide you do have more time for your health. After all, your grandfather died of a heart attack in his 50’s. So, you start to read Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right book that you received for free by joining.
  • You finally get up the nerve to weigh yourself. Wow! That high, and you just ate healthily for a week.

Week Three

  • Life gets crazier. No time for the details …. but you stay on the healthy eating until you can read the physical activity and behavioral changes section.
  • Your mother calls, she thinks she’s having a heart attack. You take the week off work, and schedule a physical with blood work.
  • You review the behavioral changes section. There are at least six areas you could work on – you choose two and write them in your journal with your plan of how you’ll tackle those areas.
  • “Lab’s very worrisome,” the Physician’s Assistant says. It’s time — you’re scared and you’re serious. Start at the second step of week one in the comprehensive approach section (see above).

Week Four

  • Life settles down and you’re making several more behavioral changes and getting going with your exercise program.
  • You’re starting to look and feel better and you have a lot more energy. You decide that, in spite of a busy schedule, you’re going to make this program work for you!

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