The credentials of the creator of Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right

Rebecca Burdette, MD, recognized that the stakes are high at this critical time for Americans’ health, so she developed a wellness plan based on the enormous amount of scientific information provided by her esteemed colleagues, her experience treating patients, and her own personal life experiences.

To combat the obesity epidemic in this country, many researchers and practitioners have researched how our bodies regulate weight, and how overweight individuals can be assisted in taking back their health.

Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right –a science-based plan for wellness —has taken this data and compiled and organized the evidence-based wisdom into a practical format that fits the American lifestyle.

Dr. Becky has struggled with her eating habits and weight on and off, over the last 40 years. She says while growing up, portion control was built into her family’s lifestyle. There were 9 people at the table, so when the bowl of potatoes came to you, the 8 pairs of eyes on you, controlled the amount of food you scooped out onto your plate.  As a 4-H member, she entered chocolate fudge at the Frederick Fair and won Grand Champion. (Sorry, but you won’t find this sugar-laden item on her plan!) Of course, like most kids back then, she and her brothers and sisters were always racing each other, playing teeter ball, hop scotch, playing hula hoop, and other various games they made up on a regular basis.

Her background gives her a unique understanding of the complex problem of obesity, and the ability to create a comprehensive approach to address it. Two years after high school, she became a registered nurse because, like most nurses, she wanted to help people. She enjoyed being a caregiver, a teacher, and a student, and felt honored when family members left their love ones in her care.

She worked the night shift in the labor and delivery unit of a regional hospital, and studied during the day at a local college. Through a degree in biology she gained an in-depth understanding of how the human body functions. This knowledge helped improve the care she administered to her patients. Next, she pursued a master’s degree in psychology, with an emphasis on counseling. The study of psychology broadened her ability to understand individual human experience and behavior. Psychologists help people find solutions to their problems. The biology and psychology degrees fed off one another; for the mind affects the body and vice versa.

Since she loved caring for pregnant woman and their newborns, she entered medical school with the desire to become an obstetrician and gynecologist. After medical school, she completed her OB/GYN training and was board-certified in 1998.

While in private practice, Dr. Becky noticed that many women fought with their weight, just as she did. They couldn’t lose the extra pounds they had gained during their pregnancies. Patients after menopause found their mid-sections blossoming. Noticing that obesity was affecting her patients’ quality of life and medical wellness, she embarked on a mission to treat the complex causes of obesity. In 2013, after countless hours of studying, attending conferences and applying her skills in her office, she became board-certified in obesity medicine.

Dr. Becky has experienced intermittent weight struggles, intermixed with shame and guilt. After her second baby, she struggled to take off her weight.  Weight watchers was started several times over the years but required too much time and energy for her busy schedule. Splenda was used with such a vengeance that her then young son gave her a poem, which to this day, lays next to her bed. Roses are red, violets are blue, Splenda is sweet and so are you. 

Another memorable occasion included a family outing to the drive-in movie, Finding Nemo.  Although Dr. Becky was counting calories, she opened the bag of Fritos Twists Honey BBQ corn chips and gobbled up a bunch, closed the bag, opened it again, gobbled some more…  then continued, until she single handedly finished off the entire bag. Feeling doped and dismayed she wallowed in her humiliation, then tried to laugh it off to no avail. The children still bring it up— must have been a sight to see! Another tell-tale anecdote involved a friend who remembered Dr. Becky as the only person, (child or adult) that made a beeline from her front door to the candy jar at every visit.  Her friend remembers Dr. Becky engaging in this habit for almost 10 years, until she took the obesity course in Baltimore, MD in 2011.

The obesity coursework was a major step in her personal journey to health. At the first conference, she learned about environmental cues and how sugar binds to certain receptors in the brain, making it act like crack cocaine and leaving an imprint to be reactivated over and over again. Shortly afterward, she took control of her food and has no longer been under the grip of poor eating habits. “What a relief! I’m no longer the carb queen!” she proclaimed.

Dr. Becky recognized that many patients struggle and suffer with obesity-related health problems and low self-esteem. During her years in private practice, she assisted many women with their weight loss endeavors, including one patient that really stands out to her — Mabel. Mabel had a serious weight problem and kept saying, “Just write down what you want me to eat.” Mabel, Dr. Becky says, “Sorry it’s taken so long, but this is what you need to eat and do to make weight loss permanent.”

Just follow Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right plan and you are good to go; no thinking or analyzing involved.

It’s heartbreaking for her to see friends and family members become tormented over their weight. 

One family members said in dismay, “Over my life I’ve lost a thousand pounds, and I’m done.” Dr. Becky stared at her large body size with confusion.  “In the 80s I lost 100 pounds with that doctor’s plan, and 60 with Weight Watchers, and I put all that back on, and then some. Oh, and during my divorce, I dropped almost 80, and you can see that all came back, I guess it missed me….”

Once she met a woman who confided in her that she had re-gained all the 110 pounds she had lost after gastric bypass surgery, “I figured out how to get around it, I can eat potato chips all day long, and I feel fine.” Dr. Becky discretely elevated her lower jaw back into the closed position.

Then, one day, after hearing one of her friends talk about the grapefruit diet, the thought came to her, like the flip of a switch, “I should help people to eat properly, using the foods they encounter every day, just the way I do.” And, Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right was born.

You don’t need to make radical changes for immediate results.

Join Dr. Becky as she cuts through the hype and guides you toward the healthy lifestyle you deserve!

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