Gourmet Lunch: Steak, Pork & Other Meat

October 12, 2017 / /

Creole Jambalaya
Ginger-Marinated Leg of Lamb with Israeli Couscous & Kale
Grilled Vegetable and Flank Steak Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
Herbed Lamb Chops with Greek Couscous Salad
One Pan Creamy Pork Chops
Pan Seared Beef Filet Tenderloin with Brown Rice and a Veggie
Pork Chops and Couscous
Pork Tenderloin Medallions Marsala
Pork Tenderloin with Rice & Autumn Ingredient Salad
Prosciutto and Pear Sandwich with Butternut Squash Soup
Meat Done Right
Provolone & Broccoli Rabe Beef Sliders
Skirt Steak with Corn and Red Pepper Puree
Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Carrots
Smoky Ham and Corn Salad
Soy Sweet Pork Chops
Steak and Snow Pea Salad with Oranges & Edamame
Healthy Piggy
Thyme & Basil Roast Pork with Oriental Rice

Author: octavodesigns

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