4 Grocery to Go Combos that will have your tongue, stomach, and heart dancing!

February 20, 2019 / / 3-in-1 program, Healthy Eating

4 Grocery to Go Combos that will have your tongue, stomach, and heart dancing!

  1. Stouffer’s FitKitchen Monterey Chicken with red skin & red potatoes and green beans.

    FITKITCHEN with orange and nuts

Heat the entrée by following the instructions on the back.

Enjoy with one fresh orange, 10 raw whole almonds and a bottle of Red Raspberry ICE. 500 calories.





2. Chicken Tikka Masala Entrée with 2 sides: Yoplait Greek Yogurt, Lemon-flavored, and walnuts.

Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Tikka Masala India Seasoned white meat chicken in a creamy tomato sauce. Served with seasoned long-grain brown rice. Spice Level: Mildly Spiced. Heat entrée as directed.

Enjoy the entrée with 100 calorie Yoplait Lemon flavored Greek fat free Yogurt, 4 walnut halves and a tall glass of diet green tea. Green tea has anti-oxidants and is an appetite suppressant. Yum, Yum. 400 Calories

    3. Saffron Road Chicken Biryani with added chicken.

Tender chunks of chicken baked in basmati rice topped with caramelized onions in the classic hyderabadi style.

Heat the entrée in the microwave for 3 minutes. Add in a 2 ounce can of chicken chunks, or ½ a 5 ounce can of plain chicken. Such as Swanson’s white chicken. Finish heating as directed.

Enjoy with 4 almonds and a lemon flavored ICE sparkling water.  A 500 Calorie Meal

4. A Healthy Choice Kung Pao Chicken Entree with 3 sides; fat free Cottage cheese, fresh strawberries and almonds.

The entrée is grilled all natural chicken, brown rice and olive oil with a helping of edamame, water chestnuts, red bell peppers, and Kung Pao sauce. Many of these frozen entrees need a little kick — so, add crushed red peppers or a salt substitute to enhance the flavor. Enjoying your food is extremely important for your physical and mental well-being.

Enjoy this entrée with ½ cup of fat free cottage cheese, 1 cup of fresh strawberries (you may mix them in or eat them separately), 14 almonds, and a tall glass of diet green tea.   Yummy! By the way, fruit is the new dessert!



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