3 No Guilt Healthy Dining Out Meals

February 13, 2019 / / 3-in-1 program, Healthy Eating

Medicine’s premier reporter of evidence based and peer reviewed literature, Up-To-Date, reported in April of 2016 that “fast foods are a way of life for many American families, and eliminating fast foods may not be realistic”.

Who of us hasn’t pulled a u-y into a fast food joint on the way home from lacrosse practice to pick up dinner? A friend recently referred to her van as her dining room.

This is precisely why one choice of the Health Done Right Plan is Healthy Dining Out.

       3 No Guilt Healthy Dining Out Meals

Chipotle  500 Calorie Meal    

Chicken Salad Bowl: Romaine lettuce, with Chicken, Black beans, double serving of Fajita Vegetables, covered with Fresh Tomato salsa, Tomatillo green-chili salsa and tomatillo red chili salsa. Enjoy with grapes or a fresh orange and a tall glass of diet ice tea with Splenda if desired.

Panera   500 calorie Meal

You pick 2: ½ Modern Greek with Quinoa salad and ½ Turkey breast sandwich with onions, tomato, & red onion on whole grain (you will need to ask for this, because usually the sandwich is served on country bread). Mustard for the sandwich. Enjoy with a fresh apple and a large unsweetened Ice tea.

Wendy’s   500 Calorie Meal

Grilled Chicken Wrap with onion and tomato and hot sauce if desired and Enjoy with 1 pack of Apple Bites and a Large unsweetened ice tea —- add artificial sweetener if desired.           


Author: Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky is a board-certified Obesity and Gynecology physician with over 30 years’ experience providing support and guidance for her patients.

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