The plan has thousands of calorie-controlled meals with the perfect balance of satiating proteins, heart-healthy fats, & smart carbs to keep you energized and healthy. Meals prepared at home, or picked up from the grocery store, or ordered from a restaurant. With Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right, you can lose weight and keep it off!  Dr. Becky has done all the work for you, all you have to do is click a few buttons. Every aspect of the plan has been scientifically proven from the meals, to the behavioral change tips, to the exercise recommendations.

Choose meals with the carrot iconfor the Mediterranean Diet. 

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Dr. Becky’s Health Done Right is a science-based program that centers on food from the places you eat most often. All of the meals have been perfectly calculated to help with weight loss, and energy,  and to repair your health with balanced, heart-healthy meals from restaurants, the grocery store and your kitchen.



Grocery-to-Go Combo

A popular and delicious entrée with sides to create a perfectly balanced calorie-controlled meal.

Nuts, fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and/or cottage cheese are typical additions.


Prepare at Home

Complete quick or gourmet meals with an entrée and sides that can be swapped out, if you don’t like the one chosen.



Healthy Dining Out

Choose from custom-designed menus at over 50 popular national restaurants that are truly healthy.


No crazy gimmicks, no costly contracts, no more relying on diet fads that set you up to fail.

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